(Song Review by Steve Ludwig)
"While I was having a drink..." is a phrase that has initiated countless situations - some fortuitous, some calculated; all usually met with a level of trepidation.
"One of Those Things," Joe Sofra's new song, confronts that state of affairs (pun intended; Joe has been happily married to Frances for over fifty years) with such a sense of calm, that the listener is immediately drawn to it.
One would think that the fact Joe has written and recorded his first single at seventy-six years of age (let's raise a glass to kicking ageism to the curb, courtesy of Mr. Sofra!) would be the main story here; yet this tune is so darn comfortable and listenable, that the song (rightfully so) takes center stage.
Co-written by fellow Australian Joe Mandica, a music legend in his native Melbourne and beyond, "One of Those Things" is a country-tinged track whose setting of a friendly bar makes Sofra's vocal delivery that much more inviting. We'd love to sit next to him, have what he's drinking, and lend a sympathetic ear to our buddy. Because we, or someone we know, have certainly had "one of those things" cause us to question our own judgment.
With production by Mandica (Sofra's brother-in-law; Frances is Joe Mandica's sister), "One of Those Things" is the perfect three-minute country/pop tune. How will Joe Sofra's character in the song handle the situation?
There'll be no spoilers here; that would ruin the fun. Treat yourself to a listen down below.
After hearing "One of Those Things," you'll be happy to know that, at his ripe young age, Mr. Sofra is already working on new songs, with the plan to release a full CD.
Joe Sofra is an inspiration, his song is a joy, and we can't wait to hear what lies ahead...
Good on ya, Joe!


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