(Song Review by Steve Ludwig, Host of Steve Ludwig's Classic Pop Culture)
Dance (or if you prefer, disco) plus rock plus pop equals just about the best time you could hope for while listening to a song, because those are the ingredients in Julee Johnson's latest single, "So On Top Of The World."
Hailing from Melbourne, Australia (home to so many of today's successful pop artists), Julee presents a powerful performance that seems effortless, yet could not have been realized without her obviously immense talent.
She asks, Is it so much to ask for someone whom you love so purely to accept your love back? JJ (Julee's other moniker) sings of "...Playing the fool for you," and of being so in love that she's been put "so on top of the world."
JJ's delivery assures us that, yes, it will happen!
"So On Top Of The World" supplies us the courage to toss our hopes to the wind with the knowledge that these dreams will surely find their way to our heart.
Recording the tune at Toyland Studios, JJ and her co-arranger, Australia's premier tunesmith, Joe Mandica (The Initiative) have presented a track that takes our spirits on an uplifting journey, from that opening note to its final, breathtaking vocalization from Julee. We, the listeners, soar with JJ to the top of her world.
Mandica once again has teamed up with the legendary Preston Glass (who has worked with, among others, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Kenny G, Diana Ross, and Earth Wind & Fire) to co-write both lyrics and music. In addition, Mr. Mandica co-produced the song with Adam Calaitzis, and chose the ever-reliable Daniel Agius to handle all the instruments.
Of course, none of this happens without Julee Johnson's incomparable vocals...
We're anxious for more, JJ !!
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