(Book review by Steve Ludwig, author of SEE YOU IN CCU:
Imagine if you could share your love of horror with one hundred celebrities, actors, athletes, and rock stars. Now imagine if these one hundred celebrities, actors, athletes, and rock stars shared with you close to five hundred titles of their favorite horror movies, books, and things that go bump in the night...and they let you know why these were their favorites.
Author Charles Rosenay, in his horror guise of "Cryptmaster Chucky," makes all that come true in his brilliant, just-released, The Book of Top 10 Horror Lists.

Rosenay, who himself has acted in his fair share of horror movies, allows his obvious affection of all things spooky to shine on through.
This is not simply your run-of-the-mill, I'll-just-Google-it collection of Top Ten lists. Oh, no, not at all; Rosenay loves horror too much to allow his name (or "Cryptmaster Chucky's", for that matter) to be attached to what would be such a shabby representation of the genre he's adored since his mom permitted her five-year-old son to watch The Bride of Frankenstein with her.
Rosenay has meticulously gathered information from his seemingly inexhaustible number of sources; the recently-deceased Ed Asner expressed wonder as to how Rosenay could possibly have gotten Asner's contact information; but get it Charles did, and submit his list, Asner did! (And it's in the book!)
For horror aficionados, this book is a must-have - I repeat, a must-have ; it is so much more than a simple collection of lists one would find on the internet.
The author includes such interesting background information on each contributor to the lists; I've already ordered a movie from Amazon by a B-movie actress that I never would have known existed had it not been for Rosenay's well-researched book. Thanks to The Book of Top 10 Horror Lists, a Yankees fan such as I, now knows that Hall-of-Famer former Yankee Dave Winfield loves 2004's Shaun of the Dead. I love Shaun of the Dead, too! Winfield and me! Thanks, "Cryptmaster Chucky, for making that happen!
This three-hundred page treasure is full of those types of fun surprises.
We get horror lists from a Beatle...from a McCartney...from a Lennon sister...from a Monkee...from a B-52...from celebrities we never would have guessed would love horror, let alone for them to put so much thought into coming up with a Top Ten list (Gloria Gaynor, I'm talkin' 'bout you. But I'm betting you "...Will Survive!").
I learned of so many horror films that I never knew were even made, thanks to Charles's astute years-in-the-making tome.
Do you know who "Vampy" is? Neither did I. But since reading Charles's book, I've found that Vampy and I like four of the same horror movies.
It's such fun to turn each page, find a new Top Ten list, check out the background of the contributor of the list, get yourself interested in that person's professional life, and become a fan. And, I almost forgot, match up the new person's list with yours.
Even if you're on-the-cusp about watching horror movies, there's no need for you to think about it...The Book of Top 10 Horror Lists, by "Cryptmaster Chucky" aka Charles Rosenay!!! belongs on your shelf.
After all, Vampy wants to compare her list to yours...