The latest goings-on, with Steve Ludwig...
BILL'S NEW ALBUM CUTS, HOUR # 3 takes us back to those days of FM progressive rock radio, as Steve's brother Bill presents album cuts like the ones from the late sixties & seventies. Deep tracks, including some you may never have heard. Rory Gallagher, Hotlegs (pre-10 CC), & The Flock are just 3 of the 16 performers Bill spins for us this time around.  Click here to listen.     

PLANET LUDWIG AFTER DARK presents lovingly weird, off-center audio segments, from 10 to 30 minutes long, that deserve their own page. The two newest additions are "To Build A Robot," which manages to combine Jason Voorhees's mom, robots, Kraftwerk, & anything else that somehow fits. Then there's "Alice Cooper's Top Five Sixties Cover Songs." While many of us might think "shock rock" when we hear Alice's name, you may be surprised to hear the super covers by Alice of songs from the sixties. Here are five for you. To listen to both new segments, as well as others, click here.
Our newest original video honors our nurses and other members of the medical field. On May 27, 2020, member of each department from Holy Name Medical Center gathered for ten minutes for a HEROES PHOTO SHOOT. Here's four-minute video showing those heroes and their photo shoot.
To visit our video page to see the video, click here.

YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! Our latest BEATLES HOUR WITH STEVE LUDWIG (SHOW # 57) finds us with a live performance from Paul McC & Wings 1979, a soundcheck song from George's Bangladesh concerts, a John/Ringo duet, a song from the 2005 Broadway production LENNON, a 13-minute Beatles medley, Fab demos, and other Beatle-y stuff! Press To Play.
Just added to our BEATLES AFTER DARK page is a video of all of Ringo's scenes in the Mae West movie, SEXTETTE. Believe it or not, Ringo (as movie director "Laslo Karolny") is in the movie for a total of less than five minutes! In addition to appearing in scenes with Mae West, Ringo also appears in a scene with Timothy Dalton... To check out Ringo "acting naturally," click right here .
Our latest edition of STEVE LUDWIG'S CLASSIC POP CULTURE (Show # 146) welcomes DON DANNEMANN, founding member, original lead singer & lead guitarist of the sixties band, The Cyrkle. Their two biggest hits, of course, were "Red Rubber Ball" & "Turn-Down Day." Don speaks with Steve for a full hour, talking about days gone by as well as today's newly re-formed Cyrkle... To listen, click here.