The latest goings-on, with Steve Ludwig...
PLANET LUDWIG AFTER DARK: THE AUDIO SEGMENTS presents lovingly weird, off-center audio segments, from 10 to 30 minutes long, that deserve their own page. The two newest additions are "To Build A Robot," which manages to combine Jason Voorhees's mom, robots, Kraftwerk, & anything else that somehow fits. Then there's "Alice Cooper's Top Five Sixties Cover Songs." While many of us might think "shock rock" when we hear Alice's name, you may be surprised to hear the super covers by Alice of songs from the sixties. Here are five for you. To listen to both new segments, as well as others, click here.

Feel like gettin' scared? On our Planet Ludwig After Dark: The Videos page, our newest video, "Scary Images," is 4 minutes & 17 seconds of scary images, scary thoughts, & scary music. It's ready for you...BOO!! To start shivering, click here.
Usually the HOST, Steve Ludwig recently had the honor of guesting on the WRESTLING & EVERYTHING COAST TO COAST podcast, showing off some of his unusual pop culture memorabilia, photos, & telling stories of his love for old-school wrestling. It's hosted by Steve's ol' buddy, Evan Ginzburg (with whom Steve co-hosted Legends TV a few years back) and Buddy Sotello, Esq. Both Evan & Buddy are scheduled to appear on Steve Ludwig's Classic Pop Culture Show in September. CLICK HERE to watch Steve's guest appearance.
A brand-new, original BEATLES VIDEO has recently been posted on our BEATLES AFTER DARK - THE VIDEOS page. It's a 3 min. 12 sec. vid of George Harrison's hauntingly beautiful "LONG LONG LONG" from The Beatles' WHITE ALBUM.
To see it, just click here. (It won't take long long long.)
Musician/Singer/Songwriter MARILYN KIRBY shared the bill with CREAM in the sixties; her 1983 video, "Blondes (Is It True?)" is a cult classic. And Marilyn's latest album, YEAR OF THE PHOENIX, crosses several musical genres. We talked about those things, listened to some of Marilyn's music, & much more. Enjoy to our interview with Marilyn on our latest edition of STEVE LUDWIG'S CLASSIC POP CULTURE (Show # 151). Click here to listen.
We recently celebrated Labor Day in the U.S., and BILL'S NEW ALBUM CUTS # 9 honors the working men and women of the world. It features music from The Strawbs, Bob Dylan, The Kinks, Sam Cooke, The Rolling Stones, and 16 other tunes that hearken back to those days of Progressive FM Radio the late 60's through the 80's. Let's raise a glass to the workers. Listen here.