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Feel like gettin' scared? On our Planet Ludwig After Dark: The Videos page, our newest video, "Scary Images," is 4 minutes & 17 seconds of scary images, scary thoughts, & scary music. It's ready for you...BOO!! To start shivering, click here.
A brand-new, original BEATLES VIDEO has recently been posted on our BEATLES AFTER DARK - THE VIDEOS page. It's a 3 min. 12 sec. vid of George Harrison's hauntingly beautiful "LONG LONG LONG" from The Beatles' WHITE ALBUM.
To see it, just click here. (It won't take long long long.)
MONKEES FANS!! It's a special video Monkees song medley with over 50 Monkees songs as seen on their legendary TV series. Here they come...On our Planet Ludwig After Dark: The Videos page.
To watch Micky, Davy, Peter, & Mike, CLICK HERE!

STEVE LUDWIG'S CLASSIC POP CULTURE # 153 welcomes FRANK JECKELL, the founder of the legendary sixties band, The 1910 Fruitgum Company. Besides their million-selling hits, the true treasures of the Fruitgum Company's musical output lay in their album cuts. These album cuts (many psychedelic and straight rock, rather than "bubblegum") are what the band TRULY wanted to define them...And Frank Jeckell chooses some of those album cuts to make the point. Of course, we'll play & talk about the hits as well, because...hey, we love them too! Plenty of laughs, plenty of inside stories, tons of music & great talk awaits you. CLICK HERE to listen. (Posted 10/2/20)
As always, BILL'S ALBUM CUTS brings us back to that magical period of FM rock radio's progressive era of the late sixties through (& beyond) the eighties. Here, in Album Cuts 11, host & show producer (& Steve Ludwig's music mentor) Bill Ludwig presents 17 artists - some of whom you may never have heard before, and some whom you definitely know and love. You'll hear tracks by The Love Tones, The Kinks, The High Dials, Buddy Guy, Marilyn Kirby, Procol Harum, & 11 others. To start listening to Bill's latest musical journeys, CLICK HERE. (Posted 10/23/20)
JOHN LENNON would have turned 80 years old (impossible!) on October 9, 2020. To celebrate the music of the great Lennon, THE BEATLES HOUR WITH STEVE LUDWIG (# 62) presents a special, original video: A 45-minute video medley of 54 of John's solo songs. The emphasis is on the amazing lyrics, with plenty of cool visuals for whatever gets you thru the night! To watch the Fab video, GIVE US A CLICK. (Posted 10/13/20)